Short Doc Premiere at Climate Week NYC

Protecting the Heart of Mexico

Suffolk Shorts founder Claire Whittenbury recently produced a short documentary about a conservation organisation in Sierra Gorda, Mexico. The 22 minute film, ‘Protecting the Heart of Mexico’, follows the story of a mother and son. Through shared hope and determination, they have protected over 946,000 acres. Filmmakers Jeremy Là Zelle and Kristen Gates developed a relationship with the family and spent time with them on the reserve. The film screened at 3 events at Climate Week, including an amazing venue The Explorers Club and Central Park Zoo.

The Filmmakers

Jeremy and Kristen recently made an award winning short documentary The Sacred Place Where Life Begins, embarking on a dangerous four-month expedition documenting the world’s longest land mammal migration through the Arctic Refuge of Alaska. The film discovers an incredible ecosystem protected by the Gwich’in Nation for more than 25,000 years.

Because of resource development corporations this ecosystem is now on the precipice of collapse. 

Jeremy will be on the Documentary Award Judging Panel for Suffolk Shorts on 2020.

The Sierra Gorda Biosphere Reserve is supported by Suffolk based International Conservation Organisation World Land Trust

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