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Creative collaboration is crucial for filmmakers. It's also the key to bringing new audiences and short filmmakers together in Suffolk in 2021. We are so pleased to be partnering with Ipswich Film Theatre, who share our mission, together we want to bring International short films to the screen in Suffolk and support our home grown talent.

The Ipswich Film Theatre was established in 1975 by Chief Executive of Ipswich Borough Council, Robert Cross, and Ipswich school teacher Neil Salmon. Cross and Salmon had a deep love for cinema and as public servants to the people of Ipswich the pair resolved to convert the basement of the Town Hall’s Corn Exchange into a prestigious art house cinema.

The IFT formed an important organ in the Corn Exchange’s life as a cultural centre for Suffolk, combining the cinema with the building’s Grand Hall to offer a cross-cultural centre for the arts in the region.

The IFT built its reputation quickly as a shrine to repertory, cult and world cinema and was a training ground for programmer-turned-historian Jane Giles, who would go on to programme London’s legendary Scala Cinema Club.

In 2009, when the IFT faced permanent closure, a group of determined women and men - including, in a poetic twist of fate, a former student of Neil Salmon’s - worked tirelessly to raise funds and support to keep the IFT operating as a cinema. With the generous support of Pippa Cross, daughter of Robert Cross, they succeeded, and in 2010 permanently reopened the venue.

Building on that fruitful work, the current directors view the IFT’s role in the independent cinema sector as vitally important to the voice of film in the region. They are committed to developing ever closer relationships with local partners and volunteer organisations, introducing programmes for schools and young people, developing relationships with arts and education partners, encouraging diversity in the IFT’s Advisory Board to foster a deeper appreciation of culture in film and to engage with underserved audiences in the region. And, let’s be frank, to have a lot of fun along the way!

Dan Champion, Director at IFT says “It is incredibly exciting to be supporting many of these gifted and hard-working people in delivering a safe environment and a steadfast partner for Suffolk Shorts at the start of this inspiring journey.”

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Suffolk Shorts is proud of our partnerships and look forward to establishing future connections with like minded organisations.