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Update from the Suffolk Shorts Team: Pandemic Edition

Like for most of the UK, the last six months have been shit eventful for the Suffolk Shorts Team.

In fact, we only feel that we are just now pulling our heads out of the sand!

Pulling our heads out of the sand!

Since communication with others has never felt more important, we thought it was a good idea to share our own experiences of the last few months.

Co-director and mum of three Rachel has spent her time attempting to home school her ‘darling’ children.

Rachel also has a new addition to her family in the form of an inquisitive feline, Leo. Leo has taken the executive decision to take over the day-to-day running of Suffolk Shorts for the time being, which is fine by us.

CEO (Cat Executive Officer) Leo
CEO (Cat Executive Officer) Leo

Technical Director Jim spent the first few months of lockdown painting his house whilst listening to replays of old cricket matches (we won every one of them!) and watched an inordinate amount of kids opening up Christmas presents after he set up a new business capturing in old camcorder tapes:

In other news, Co-director Claire has developed shingles! Whilst excruciatingly painful, the condition has forced Claire to spend a large amount of time in a darkened room watching short films. So, every cloud…

Blog writer Hebe has graduated from university (yay!) into the worst economic recession in three hundred years. So, perfect timing to be looking for your first graduate job! If anyone knows of any jobs going, Hebe requests they send an email to

Hebe's new hangout
Hebe’s new hangout

More (hopefully less depressing) news coming soon!

Written by Hebe Dobson-Mouawad

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