Suffolk Shorts at Leiston Film Theatre

Best of the Fest

On Saturday 12th October Leiston Film Theatre welcomed the Suffolk Shorts audience in from the pouring rain to a lovely warm auditorium where we screened seven films from the First Light Festival programmes. It was good to have so many of the team of people that have supported us so far there, and to have the opportunity to formally thank them.

Thanks for the feedback!

The atmosphere was wonderful and it seems the films were thoroughly appreciated, we’ve had some amazing feedback:

What a fantastic afternoon of short films… tear-jerking, funny, quirky and poignant

Thank you for showing these, good luck with your plans for the festival and looking forward to the full three days next October. 

What an exciting and moving afternoon of cinema. I’m so glad I could experience it. Such a talented group of film makers! Each short film had it’s own strengths. I came home fizzing with excitement and stimulation. Thank you so much for telling me about it.

Congratulations!! God that film was moving! But they were all excellent in their own way, all very different and extremely well chosen. I can’t tell you how much we enjoyed it.  

Great afternoon – thank goodness I just managed to see ‘Sylvia’  to the end!

They were all very entertaining and thought provoking, and it was a very good way to spend a wet Saturday afternoon. What a delightful cinema.

I thought the quality of the films, each and every one of them. was just extraordinary and I was blown away and moved to tears. 

Thank you for inviting us to your fillum show. To say we very much enjoyed it would be somewhat of an understatement. Your choices were inspired and left us feeling so.

Our favourite feedback from someone who had never been to a short film screening before:

Thanks for inviting me to the screening, it turns out that I am a lot better at watching short films than long ones!

Sylvia Q&A

Huge thanks also go to the Sylvia team, Rachel and Richard Prendergast, who were quizzed on stage after the screening by host Imogen Walford from Radio 4’s Today programme and took questions from the floor.

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