Film Still from one of the films from FLOAT

Bill Jackson’s FLOAT

With 2020 filled with doom and gloom, some good news is on the horizon!

And that news is… (drumroll, please) that Suffolk Shorts Judge and foto filmmaker Bill Jackson is opening a new film installation at The Cut!

Entitled ‘FLOAT’, this new multi-screen film piece is The Cut’s first exhibition since it closed its doors in March.

Film Still from one of the films from FLOAT
Film Still from one of the films from FLOAT

FLOAT was created by Jackson during the Covid-19 lockdown, when the issues of being out of control of one’s own daily life and the compulsion to maintain control was, and is, a daily struggle.

Jackson attests that he wasn’t deliberately aiming to create a piece of COVID Art. Rather he was just trying to make sense of the reality of a world in crisis.

‘The distant view, towards the horizon and upwards to space, transports us from the close detail of real danger and uncertainty to beauty and a sense of freedom.’

A Socially Distanced, but Shared Experience

The black and white work is presented as an installation with large scale projected moving images for an extended shared experience, along with 25 small scale, wall mounted, tablets for individual viewing in the iconic Malt Room Gallery.

Film Still from one of the films from FLOAT

The exhibition is taking bookings in advance, with 2-hour windows for viewing available from 10am to 4pm. Each window has only 20 people, giving space and time for the viewer to dwell and immerse themselves in the shapes, forms and movement of the cloudscape.

The exhibition runs from Saturday 31 October to Saturday 21 November. Attendees will need to mask up and hand sanitiser will be provided.

FLOAT opens at The Cut, Halesworth, on 31st October. Bookings are open now through Eventbrite.

Written by Hebe Dobson-Mouawad

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